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Hello! My name is Yuya Matsuo, from Tokyo, Japan. 
I am a photographer living around the world. 

I’ve been exploring the world for past 8 years. I lived in US for 5 years. 
Since 2013, I am living in Europe. I’ve visited 27 countries in Europe so far.

As a photographer,
I offer photo shooting for interior, architecture, and event as well as rights for my travel photos. I am open to any kind of collaboration ideas.

As a social media influencer,
With more than 310,000 followers/subscribers throughout the social media, I can advertise/promote your business, product, city, or even country. 
I've worked with several Tourist organizations, Hotels, and Cruise companies, such as Cunard Line, to promote their business.

For information on photo shooting, pricing, and all other questions please use the form below or send me an email at esejpn@gmail.com