Having a great vacation with DIB hotel (with 20 euro Discount coupon!)

Saved 92 euro in total!

I recently used the hotel booking website called, DIB hotel

The name DIB comes from bid, with this website, you can bid your budget to find the perfect hotel which matches your destination and preferences. 
Often times, you will get the hotel with significant discount when compared to normal website like, booking.com or expedia.
In my case, I stayed 2 nights, 5 star hotel in Zagreb. And I saved 92 euro in total.

DIB result.png

The room and service (breakfast included) were the same as it said on booking.com. 
So I could use this extra 92 euro for some other things to enjoy on my weekend.

The website is very simple to navigate. 

Here is the quick demo. I used smartphone to show how easy and convenient it is to book the place with DIBhotel. 

1. Choose your destination, dates, room, and star rating. 
2. Choose services (breakfast, housekeeping), facilities (gym, pool), area
3. Set your price and place your bid!
4. Fill in your check-in and payment detail

That's it! 
Only thing you have to do now is to wait for the result! (It takes up to 48 hours for the response, but usually it's within 12 hours)


The great plus for this website is the friendly online live chat.
DIB hotel does not use the guest number, instead there is an option to choose single and double room.
I wanted to make sure what that means, so I asked Andrea who was available on the live chat. 

Not only she answered my question, but she also offered me the advice on bidding price. 
She went through the data base, and told me the past result. 

This approach makes this service personal which is very different from other booking website. 
It seems live chat is not available 24/7, but I hope they will make it as they grow.


Now, you might think getting huge discount on hotels sounds too good to be true, but the reason behind hotels accepting lower rate is simple.

It's better to have occupied rooms than to have vacant rooms.

Unless it's super popular property or high season, hotel rooms are not sold-out all the time. 
They have some empty rooms, and it's a zero, 100% loss for them.  
And with years of experience, hotels know the estimated occupacy rate on given seasons and days.

Hotels want more guests, but lowering the price is not an option. Hotels need to protect the brand.

This is where DIB Hotel comes in. 

DIB hotel does not reveal which hotels are in the system, you will only know your hotel if your bid is accepted. 
Hotels are protected and they can keep their regular price elsewhere.
The reservation is  non-refundable, so hotel can secure the guest, 
unlike on other booking websites where it's easy for people to cancel the booking even on the day of the arrival.

In these conditions, it's easy to understand hotels accepting discounted prices.


I very much liked using DIB Hotel for booking my weekend getaway. 
The website is simple and has no confusion. (Its minimal style might've came from the company being Swedish.)
It has great live chat feature. 
I saved 92 euro, and my room was the same as it stated on the regular price, 
I recommend everyone who is flexible on where to stay and want to save :)

Special gift!!

For 10 people only, I can give 20 euro coupon on your first booking. 
If you are planning on your next trip with DIB Hotel, send me a message to esejpn@gmail.com

Yuya Matsuo