Tell your story - Polaroid photo tour with Sophort

Tell your story - Polaroid photo tour with Sophort

Recently, I had an opportunity to take Polaroid photo tour by Sophort in Graz.

It's 2 and half hour photo walking tour with a small group of people, and of course with Polaroid camera loaded with 8 films. 
We were gooup of three. 
The guide said the maximum people for taking the tour is six as to keep the tour private and ensure that everyone gets the attention and support they need. 
And yes, I felt it was very relaxed and personal. 
If you want to go sidetrack or spend more time in one spot, you can! because it's a small group. 
You become friends with others, and they all want to enjoy and share this Polaroid experience.


It was a first time using Polaroid camera or any kind of analog cameras for me. 
Knowing I only got 8 photos to take, it was challenging, but in fun way. 
I don't have to care about the resolution, sharpness, or any other technical stuff that comes with digital photography. 

And there is something special about getting physical photos instantly. It makes you smile and satisfied.

I had so much fun during this tour. I could genuinely enjoyed photography.  In the end, I think that's what photography is all about, having and sharing the moment.

Sophort offers the tour in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Warsaw, and Rome. If you are interested in the tour, please visit here.