Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review with Image samples (JPG, RAW) download link

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Image sample (JPG, RAW) download link

Recently, I got Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I was impressed with its camera.  The image quality is good and RAW file is actually usable. So here are some examples with my thoughts on different mode.

Pro mode: You can control pretty much the same thing as you would on your big DSLR or Mirrorless camera, ISO, Aperture, Auto-Focus, White Balance, and Exposure, the usual stuffs are there.
And when you choose to take photos as RAW+JPG, it produces pretty good DNG file. 

Here are some photo comparison of JPG and RAW. You can also download the original files, so you can try to edit and compare them by yourself. 

Download the RAW and JPG files here

Those 24mp DNG files contain great detail on shadows and highlights which you can recover with editing software like Adobe Lightroom. 
The difference is night and day. It goes edited RAW files, JPG file. RAW file itself tends to be brighter than JPEG file. On last three photo, I compared, JPG HDR on, JPG HDR off, and Edited RAW file. With HDR turned on, you get more detail when it compared to normal JPG, still RAW file includes more detail.


Panorama: You've probably seen and used panorama mode on your phone. Of course, Note 9 has it. But with Note 9, fun part comes after you take the photo. It is also a video. With motion panorama mode, you can move back and forth withing the frame by tilting your phone. It can be also saved as a separate video.

Live Focus mode: Kind of like a portrait mode. 
It takes 2 photos with its dual lenses, tele and wide angle. After you take images with Live Focus mode on the camera, you can adjust background blur and the shape of blur. Applying heart shaped blur is pretty gimmicky, but nonetheless, it's fun to play around. 

Video: I am most impressed with its video functionality. OIS, optical image stabilizer, works like a charm. Without much care, I get buttery smooth footage almost like using gimbal. Those footage will be on my Instagram stories, so make sure to follow and check it out. 


Overall, I am very satisfied with the camera on Samsung Note 9. It's the first time that I can consider using this camera as an option for my professional workflow. And it's fun! I think Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus have similar, if not, identical cameras and software inside, so this thing will be applied to these smartphones as well.

Smartphone photography comes long way from mashed potatoes pics to now, competing with high-end DSLR cameras.